Life is But a Stream for Talented YouTube Superstar Alex Guzman. Now Low Key Famous due to his mega popular Web Series “Blesiv” and multi million Follower Social Media Presence, he offers TEEN LOOT a glimpse into his limelight lit life.

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By branding myself as Blesiv I’m able to remind myself to stay true to who I am and never forget where I came from.

Alex Guzman

What initially compelled you to start a YouTube channel? Talk about the early days, when it was just an idea you had.

I started a YouTube channel with my younger cousin back when I was in middle school. At first, I just enjoyed spending my time making videos for myself and being able to make people smile, even if it was just a small few at the beginning. Then as my channel grew I saw the opportunity to make this into a career I was truly passionate about.  

 Alex Guzman Covers TEEN LOOT’s SS19 Issue

What is Blesiv exactly? Did you realize it would sort of take on a life of its own and become this popular brand that resonates with so many?

The meaning of Blesiv actually goes way back to when I used to play a lot of video games. It started as my gamer tag. Then later became a nickname, and eventually grew to what it is today. By branding myself as Blesiv I’m able to remind myself to stay true to who I am and never forget where I came from.  I’m so grateful I’ve been able to grow such a large and close, supportive following online where I’m able to make people feel like they belong to something.  


At what age did you first realize you had a gift for making people laugh? Some don’t realize that it’s a unique talent.

At age 16 is when I realized I was blessed with the ability to make people laugh and see life through another perspective; in a more positive light than the darkness some viewers may have been walking through. 

As one of the more popular teens with a web series, you are a natural who makes it look easy. But I know a lot of hard work goes into your channel. Give us a step-by-step rundown of how you create, film, edit, and publish an episode.

In the beginning of my filming process, I first think of a topic and from there I search other creators to get inspiration. Then I plan the full video out, but try and add my own little twist to make it different than others. Filming could take from one to three hours depending on the video. Then that’s when editing comes in. Editing is very specific to the video and could sometimes take ten times the amount of time than actually filming the content for the video. I post new videos on my Youtube Tuesday and Thursday’s at 1pm PST.  Be sure to tune in!

“Blesiv” Web Series Creator Alex Guzman in LA with L&R MAG

Viewers often say negative things they don’t even believe, but simply feel that it will get them more attention than being positive. In this era of negative comments, how do you deal with the haters?

Negative comments could hurt every now and then depending on what’s said, but I know that I have a good impact on a lot of people and that there are people out there who love and support me no matter what. With a ratio of one negative comment to every thousand positives, I just can’t let them get to me anymore (Laughs!).  

When it comes to music, who are you listening to right now?

One artist I’ve seen grow from nearly the beginning is Logic. It’s very inspiring to have seen him from posting mixtapes on SoundCloud to having a platinum certified album.  

Alex Guzman | TEEN LOOT

When you aren’t busy filming and touring and being otherwise creative, what do you and friends do to just chill and break away from the entertainment industry?

In my free time I like to play video games and go shopping. I really enjoy shopping and fashion.

Tell us what to expect next from you. Do you plan on working more in film and television, are you continuing your web series? What do you have going on away from your on-camera work?

For the acting portion of things, I would love to continue my web series and branch out into other fields of film such as TV and movies. As for my off camera work, my team and I are currently on a very special tour where I am able to meet many of my supporters and capture a lot of unique experiences in new places around the world.  

Poolside Cool | ALEX GUZMAN | TEEN LOOT Cover Star

I want to talk to you about role models. It’s not your job or responsibility to raise other people’s children. At the same time, with millions and millions of kids watching your every social media move, how do you handle that role model title without sacrificing who you are?

I am confident in how I was raised and the morals instilled in me through my single mother who raised two kids all on her own. She taught us right from wrong and how to be good people, and I feel I portray that every day through my social media. I want parents to be able to see my content and enjoy it with their children. 

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