Ananya Birla is a global pop star on fire in both business and entertainment.

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Motion Ariya Akhavan

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Hair & Makeup Artistry Rosalinda Macias

Location Lavish Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Star singer and songwriter Ananya Birla is a platinum artist millions of times over. Her rare combination of talent, signature sound, global reach, and sex appeal enables the artist to experiment with a variety of good looks and song hooks most creatives could only hope to embody.

Ananya Birla f/ Sean Kingston

A couple weeks ago Ananya collab’d with another hyphenated-American singer and songwriter in international star Sean Kingston, a Jamaica born-and-bred pop music hitmaker with extended sonic family in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. The result is “Day Goes By”, a chart climbing club banger with Rhythmic Chart #1 written all over it. DGB is essentially a love song, one best danced and partied to in a mini Miu Miu cocktail dress and since-removed Dolce and Gabbana pandering charge pumps.

Singer Ananya Birla f/ in
LOOT & RIOT Magazine’s
AW19 ISSUE “Fall Edition”

Known as much for being the first Indian artist to have an English language single go platinum in the country, as for her indefatigable mental health advocacy, Ananya is simply a young pop star with a purpose – and her new Kingston-assisted single, “Day Goes By”, is on fire. The artist’s first five singles, released between 2016 and 2019, have collectively exceeded 190 million streams. Three of those standout radio smashes achieved platinum status in hot promotion of her debut EP “Fingerprint”, which arrived this summer.

LOOT & RIOT Magazine

Born in Mumbai, Anaya is also the founder of Svatantra Microfin, a Reserve Bank backed microfinance organization providing support, solutions, and funding to aspiring women entrepreneurs in rural areas. Raised and currently residing in London, Ananya studied economics and management at Oxford University before leaving early to turn pro – entertainer and entrepreneur. 

Singer + Songwriter Ananya Birla in
LXR MAG’s AW19 ISSUE “Fall Edition”
Ananya Birla shoots with LOOT & RIOT
at Lavish Studios in Downtown Los Angeles
LOOT & RIOT Magazine
LOOT & RIOT Magazine
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