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We craft the coolest creative content connecting clients with consumers, coast to coast across continents. LOOT & RIOT™ is now-era next level.

Let’s face it, weed is legal and working 40 hour weeks is lethal. Why settle for miserable when your settlement is millionaire? We – the black, brown and brave who misbehave somewhere between Kanye’s “Black Skinhead” and Kendrick’s “Vanity Slaves” – are the wave. From music and movies, to emerging moguls and media money – if it’s lava hot, LOOT & RIOT is the volcanic eruption to set your scene on fire. We’re a fan of the flames. That’s our lane – the vehicle to drive your wrath ’till it’s a wraith. Call it urban alchemy: Hit and Run like baseball players not drunken drivers.

Our five signature cities of Hollywood (US), Durban (South Africa), Tokyo (Japan), La Paz (Bolivia), and Barcelona (Spain) are representative of our multi-continental reach and global approach. Our content is released episodically, as opposed to by issue or edition. This on-going approach effectively feeds the fan frenzy by keeping the coverage coming and the impact journalism germane to the genre. We release the reality whenever it’s relevant and heaven sent: Directly to the consumer’s dead-ass dynamic device. Pretty dope, yea.



• Predecessor: Pure DOPE (Video / Print)

• Frequency: Episodic  

• Cover Power: Heroine (Women) + Hero (Men)  

• Neutrality: 51% Women ♀️ | 49% Men ♂️

• Total Circulation (Readership): 310k  

• Impressions (Reach): 1.2 Million

• Core Demo: Millennials, Gen Z  

• Avgerage Site Visit: 27 min+

• Reader Region (Top 3): United States, South Africa/Europe (tie), South America/Middle East (tie)

• Reader Region (Nxt 3): Japan, Southeast Asia, Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico (tie)


Reader Intangibles

• The typical LOOT & RIOT reader is between 13-34, well educated or currently enrolled, professionally appointed, independently wealthy, or a self-employed entrepreneur, affluent and trend seeking; an out-going, binge shopping party guest who values high quality over low cost and is a very brand conscious smart device user who travels internationally and speaks a foreign language.

• Though young, 34% are engaged to be married or newlyweds. 68% of our readers engage the outlet’s content solely by mobile device.

• Millennials understand the value of virtual communities.

• Millennial entrepreneurs engage with digital communities to promote their businesses.

• Based on a study conducted by The Association of Magazine Media, the average digital edition reader spends almost an hour per issue.



• 42% of US adults reported having read one or more digital magazine issues in the last 30 days. (via Mequoda)

• 59% of magazine readers say the digital edition is most important. (via Mequoda)

• Top analysts forecast the global digital magazine publishing market to grow at a CAGR of 20.36% during the period 2016-2020. (via Report Buyer)

• Digital edition readers are spending on average 54.3 minutes per issue. (via MPA)

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