DALEX Has Dope Melodies, R&B Edge, Latin Trap Swag and a Magnetic Presence. One of Music’s Favorite urban artists hangs out with LOOT & RIOT. Solo Buenas Vibras! 🇵🇷

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Stylst Alexis NicoleNorma Castro

Location Miami, Florida 

Always want to work, always reach towards something greater, always want to overcome obstacles and be successful.


There is so much dope music coming out of Puerto Rico with artists such as yourself, Bryant Myers, Audri Nix, Justin Quiles, Brytiago, and many others. To what do you attribute this recent influx of young artists making great music?

People want to hear new voices, people with new talent, refreshing music that makes them move; to enjoy at the club, in the house cleaning, and with their partner. I think we are all part of that generation that brings a new wave of musicians, such as my last EP was called “The New Wave” (La Nueva Ola), because we are to take over the music scene like a tsunami. And, also, people are seeing our will and our hunger to succeed, and that explains everything that’s happening.

D A L E X | LOOT & RIOT Magazine • SS19 Issue

You have been dropping a lot of new music this year, Pa Mí remix is out now, and also touring extensively. Talk a little about 2019 and what you have been up to so far.

In 2019, I’m coming out with a lot of good music, a lot of collaborations and features with top artists of the genre; a lot of refreshing music. I’m releasing a new project titled “Climaxxx” – it’ll be my first album. Right now, I feel eyes are on me and I think it’s time I prove myself, and show people I’m here to stay and here to give audiences fresh new music.

I know you are going to kill the festival scene this season. What U.S. show dates do you have coming up this spring and summer? 

Right now we’re starting to hit several tours, and throughout this month I’ll be in Orlando, Florida, Europe this summer, several countries in Latin America; more dates in the U.S. are certainly in the works.

Style | Alexis Nicole

You dropped two EP’s last year: License To Trap and La Nueva Ola. Most artists don’t drop even one complete project, let alone two. Where does that work ethic and drive come from?

My mom was very important in my life, she taught me to work hard, to never give up, to believe in reaching something that is beyond us and to thank life for the opportunities; always want to work, always reach towards something greater, always want to overcome obstacles and be successful.

PR is known for Reggaeton, and more recently for Latin Trap. Your sound is somewhere between those two, but still different. How do you describe the music you make?

Defining my sound is not something I want to do. Music should be something you like without trying to define or label it. It should be something you enjoy and you think about without trying to define it. I would say that my music offers a refreshing new sound, with a lot of R&B fusion in Spanish; always showing my Latin roots, but embracing world sounds.

DALEX’s Debut Album “Climaxxx” Coming Soon!
Style | Norma Castro 

You are absolutely one of the best at mixing street edge with urban R&B. Do you feel somewhat underrated as an artist?

I think everything comes at the right time, I think people are enjoying my sound. What I’m doing represents what I like and hopefully the fans and audiences will like it more every day. In any case, it’s for them to underestimate you, so when they do listen to you, they are caught by surprise.

Would you say that Lucete is the biggest ballad track you have ever released? How do the ladies react when you sing it live?

Lucete is a great song, and I think the fans like it a lot when I sing it live; but, I believe that in my repertoire of songs there are other ballads that also move the audience – one of them is “Volverte a ver” (To See You Again).

Envidiosos was a huge hit with a group of young Latin stars featured. Are you going to drop a similar song with several features at some point?

It’s always in my plans to drop something with other artists, people really like seeing good artist features. That’s why on my new album, I included a track called Cuaderno (Notebook) which I think fans will be one of their favorites.

D A L E X | LOOT & RIOT Magazine’s SS19 Issue
Image | Luis Marquez

The style, music, and energy you project can be summarized with one phrase: Solo Buenas Vibras (Only Good Vibes). Why is that important to you?

Well, the truth is that I don’t do it intentionally, it comes naturally (Laughs!). I think it has to do with enjoying life and taking it in stride, making new and refreshing music that makes you feel happy, but it also has to do with taking life with joy, making music refreshing, filling you up and making you feel happy. That’s what I like to do.

Besides San Juan, name a few of your favorite places around the world to party and perform.

I’d say Panama, the people there have a lot of energy! Argentina is another country that I’d go back to, followed by Paraguay, where audiences are incredibly affectionate and real, really dope.

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