Devenity Perkins has a glam style, pop sound, and web series all her own. Gen Z’s fastest rising starlet hangs out with TEEN LOOT at Santa Monica’s BG Art Gallery for her exclusive cover shoot.

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Hair Michael-Sebastian Baker

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Location BG Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Gallery Owner: Om Bleicher

Curator The Jealous Curator Danielle Krysa 

Gallery Marketing Ellen Lutwak

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Being popular doesn’t mean you’re cool, it’s all about your vibe. Just surround yourself with good people. 

Devenity Perkins

Your recent sold out show at the Roxy Theatre truly illustrated for me how many fans you have. When you first started doing YouTube videos with your sister, did you imagine it would become a career and that you would be low-key famous?

I started social media for fun, because I was thirteen and bored, and it’s actually become something that I love and want to keep doing.

Devenity Perkins Covers TEEN LOOT’s SS19 Issue

Bored is a dope song, straight up. It has pop appeal but is still cool and remains real in a major way. Talk about the creative process of making the song. 

I was bored of my exes (Laughs!). And I just feel like it was a very relatable subject for people in relationships at my age. I’ve been in the studio for awhile now, and one day I just went in and we wrote this song in a couple hours with my girl Rachel West. And she told me I’ma walking song (Laughs!). 

YouTube Web Series Creator | Devenity Perkins

With your web series and now music careers taking off at the same time, how do you find time to study, hang out with friends and family, and plus have some me-time?

I honestly don’t have time for much, but I try to do homework every time I can.

Devenity Perkins | Handmade Ankara Gown by Anit Cuts 

And now your Sweet 16th birthday is going down this summer, have you begun to plan for the big day? Hey, at least you will be able to drive.

I don’t usually throw parties but I might plan a sweet 16 (Laughs!).

15-year-old Rising Star Devenity Perkins in TEEN LOOT

What artists would you like to work with, like if the two of you collab’d on a song? 

Ann Marie hands down. She’s so talented and gorgeous. She’s literally my woman crush.

Devenity Perkins | 2019 Kid’s Choice Awards | Nickelodeon

Do you plan to work in film and television, like in movies or on a sitcom?

I’m open to acting, but if a movie or a show had something to do with singing and music that would be sick!

Pool Shark 🦈 | Devenity Perkins

Many teens struggle with self-acceptance, with loving themselves and being proud of who they are. What advice can you offer to your really young fans who want to be liked, wish to be popular, but feel like they deal with more haters than anything?

Look, if they don’t like you they don’t like you. Being popular doesn’t mean you’re cool, it’s all about your vibe. Just surround yourself with good people. 

Devenity Perkins in TEEN LOOT’s SS19 Issue

What can we expect next from you? Tell us about any projects, ideas, or goals that you are working to complete. We look forward to watching your career grow and grow in the years to come.

I definitely wan’t to keep working on music and figuring out my sound, and also to just keep dropping more music, eventually an EP.

Devenity Perkins
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