Death Party Playground sends sonic sensibility to the strive and stream set with “Little Joy”, the Ontario outfit’s latest album.

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These songs squeeze a little joy out of a darker time.

Kyle Taylor, Death Party Playground
Indie Rocksters Death Party Playground in
LOOT & RIOT Magazine’s
AW19 ISSUE “Winter Edition”

Indie Rock is a canvas at times as topicless as topless. An artist can scream threats of patricide or shed childbirth witnessing tears – on the same song – and those super-fan versed in deep well alt genre variety would simply accept it all as shared truth, or at least kick ass creative. Canadian croon and tune crew Death Party Playground promised the aforementioned anger-to-anguish amusement park intention on their anticipated new project “Little Joy”. Scheduled to stream wherever WiFi exists starting January 17, 2020, they know it’s their best work. “These songs squeeze a little joy out of a darker time,” shares frontman Kyle Taylor. “It’s trying to have fun in spite of it. It’s purposefully not letting something break you.”

Death Party Playground
LOOT & RIOT Magazine
AW19 ISSUE “Winter Edition”

Song titles such as “Like Anything Else, “Love & Fidelity”, “Break The Rain”, and “Still Memories” reflect a conceptual patience found on the group’s Bruce Willis’ Jog Playlist #3″ project from year’s past. Death Party Playground recorded the majority of “Little Joy” in the thrawls of a renovated Oakwood, Ontario church since adapted for reuse. A multi-instrumentalist married to his guitar, Taylor also used to record in a whiskey distillery. How these make-shift musical mancaves affect their work, specifically on this offering, remains to be seen, heard, experienced and, if we’re all so fortunate, never forgotten. 

Death Party Playground | “Little Joy”
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