Elle Teresa is Tokyo’s Hottest Hip-Hop Artist. So Which U.S. Record Label is Going to Make a Hollywood Move and Hand Homegirl That Million Dollar Bag?

Ink Tone Swep
Images Kawaii Gang / Yuri Hasegawa / Lute Media / FLJ Tokyo 
Looks & Lines West Carter Music 
Location Hollywood, California & Tokyo, Japan

How old are you? When did you start rapping? I’m 20. Started rapping when I was 17.
What’s up with KawaII Gang? I have an official account in “LINE”. That’s the Asian versiom of Whats App. And in there, I’m sending all the Kawaii Gang my private photos and stuff. There is an exclusive song for LINE too. Whoever following me on LINE be Kawaii Gang and can follow up with my shit!

What hot projects, like mixtapes, albums, and videos, do you have out right now? I released my first album “Kawaii Bubbly Lovely” in March. I loved it first but now I have more songs coming up and those are hotter (Laughs!). I will release them in my next EP or mixtape.

Who are some of your favorite hip-hop artists? Rich The Kid and Famous Dex.
Describe your musical style. What really stands out about you that makes you unique? You will know it once you see me (Laughs!). Including my fashion style, everything is different from anyone so that’s my originality.

Where are some of the dopest venues you have performed at? Describe the energy at your shows. There are a lot, I cannot pick. When I perform, I give 120% all the time, either there are many audiences or not. I just do all my best for the people who came out to see me. If you wanna feel the energy just come to my show or book me (Laughs!).

Where do you chill at in Tokyo? Is Takeshita Street in Harajuku still the place to be? I often go to Shibuya and clubs but it’s kinda boring, I rather chill in my house or a friend’s. Takeshita is more for the teens I think.

Tokyo is known worldwide for fashion and culture, tourism and cuisine. How is the music scene? It’s so behind when it comes to music, people don’t listen to a lot of hip-hop. Japanese people are narrow-minded and like to stay in the same category.
Japan has such a deep history, and a lot of key figures have become a part of pop culture – like ninja’s and Sensei’s, for example. Why is Japan so much more popular to the world than other countries in Asia? Maybe because of the Japanese movies and Anime. We are good at creating those imaginary worlds. Through those medias people get to know our language and culture.

Tell us about your glam style, it looks like you are wearing graffiti. What are some of your favorite brands? Bape! Gucci! Everything those bitches don’t have!
What should we expect from you this year? And what are some of your overall goals that you would like to accomplish as an artist? I will release many songs this year! I wanna try to make more English songs. I wanna go to many different countries and collaborate with different artists, and I wanna be nominated in XXL Freshman 2020!

なぜElle Teresaは誰もが見守るべき熱いアーティストですか?That’s because I’m Elle Teresa.

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