The Year’s Breakout Sensation is Sony Latin’s Emilia, a dancing singer-songwriter with model presence and influencer popularity. Argentina’s Estrella Brillante talks growin’ up in South Am & glowin’ up ever since. 🇦🇷

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That is what I like to offer, music and good vibes.


At a very young age you were already playing the guitar, dancing, and singing. What about music moved you as a young girl? Why did you gravitate toward creating songs?

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been extroverted. I was never shy, in fact I was full of energy as you would always find me singing and dancing in front of a mirror. My parents were always supportive when it came to going to my dance, guitar, and singing lessons. Growing up I would fall in love with anything that had to do with the arts, and as I started getting older I would involve myself more and more, finally leading myself to the world of music. I started composing complete songs.

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Talk about your early childhood growing up in Nogoyá, a small town in the Entre Rios province. What are some of your most memorable experiences early on?

I feel very fortunate to have been able to grow up in the small yet lovable town of Nogoyá. The craziest thing about all of this is that I had always dreamed of being in the world of music, but living in such a small city far from the capital made it seem impossible. Now I know that everything is possible! One of the most memorable experiences for me was when I was six-years-old. My Grandpa had given me my first guitar, and from that day on everything had changed. Another memorable experience that I take to heart was when I had a small performance with a rock band some friends and I had created.


Who were some of your early influences, in and out of music?

Some of my first musical influences were always related to pop. Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Shakira, and Rihanna for example. I would watch their music videos on television and couldn’t believe that their music would move me in such way.

At what point did you decide to take music seriously and pursue becoming a star as your career?

My life took a turn when I began uploading song covers on my Instagram as a hobby. At the end of 2016, Rombai’s leader discovered me and decided to make me part of their band. It was a drastic change for me. Two weeks later I was already singing at Luna Park in Argentina in front of a crowd of over 12,000 people. From there on, I never stopped.

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Each nation has its own signature sound which serves as its most popular music. What is the biggest musical style there in Argentina, how does your sound contribute to the genre?

To me, the genre most popular in Argentina is Cumbia – and no disrespect to tango or folklore (Laughs!). I could relate more to that genre as my first single, “Recalienta“, has some cumbia beat to it. I would love for that genre to be heard throughout the world.

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Speaking of “Recalienta“, or “Overheats”, it is wildly popular on the club scene, and the video has over 10 million YouTube views. When you first dropped the song did you anticipate it being so well received?

When I released my first single, I was hit with many emotions. A combination of fear, happiness, anxiety, and uncertainty all took over my body just because it was a project done completely from scratch and without any subscribers on my channel. It was definitely a gamble. Even though I had high hopes for my song, I didn’t know how people were going to like it. In the end, my team and I are very happy with the results of my first single and how it continues to grow.

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What’s next for you musically? Are you dropping an EP or a full album soon, or another single first? Any more visuals coming soon? Give us the scoop.

The release of my second single is almost here and by the time my song is out I’m sure that this article will be published by then, too (Laughs!). With that said, I’m very happy with the release of the song. It’s a collaboration with a very talented artist who I admire dearly and it makes me very proud that he was willing to be part of this song. It will come with a music video and be available on all digital platforms!

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What are you doing outside of music, such as acting, modeling, brand ambassadorships, and so on?

Besides music, I would love to model. I don’t consider myself a model, I should put that out there (Laughs!). Posing in front of the cameras entertains me, I find it fun. I am currently a global ambassador for Benetton perfumes and I find it incredible. I would also love to act, even though I haven’t looked much into it lately, maybe in the near future. Who knows?!

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You are very talented and also very attractive. Which do you feel artists benefit from more in today’s social media driven world, talent or sex appeal?

Thank You! I always say that besides being a business platform where one can see upcoming releases, performances, and news about your music, social media allows one to connect with fans and with people who want to know about you. We have to be very responsible with the messages we send out knowing that there are many young people out there who follow you and have you as a role model. To answer your question, I believe that there are two aspects to social media, talent and sometimes appearance.

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With such a huge following and so many fans around the world, a fan base that is expanding every day, do you feel obligated to be a positive role model? Especially for your younger fans.

I don’t know if I feel obligated to, but as I said before, I like leaving kind messages and being real with the people who are there for me supporting my project. That is what I like to offer, music and good vibes. Maybe if I’m having a bad day, I prefer not to use social media.

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Latin music is on fire worldwide, so many emerging superstars such as yourself, Sech, Mozart La Para, Dalex, Iza, Bryant Myers, Brytiago and many more. Why do you feel Latin music has become so amazingly popular today, even in non-Spanish speaking countries?

It’s crazy how much Latin music has played a fundamental role in the industry. For example, an unbelievable artist like Madonna has collaborated with Maluma and that is something people wouldn’t have expected two years ago. Opportunities like this have been happening because the urban genre is becoming exposed a little more every time with new artists. Things like this make me proud and hopeful.

“I can’t imagine my life without music.”

If you weren’t a rising star, a sexy singer whom the world is watching, what would you be doing instead? Tell us what Emilia Mernes’ alternative career path would be?

If I weren’t an artist, I would have loved to be a music teacher. I would have had my own art academy – which still remains a dream of mine and a goal I want to accomplish. I can’t imagine my life without music.

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