Musically Versatile and Multi-Talented, Eric Frisch uses Endearing Melody and Mood Mirroring to Merge into More than one Lane.


Ink Tone Swep

Singer Eric Frisch is nothing if not versatile. The accomplished writer and producer recently released three new singles, each representative of a different categorical genre and appealing to a different audience as a result. There’s “I Can’t Sing With A Broken Heart”, a bluesy country music chart-capable guitar strum stashed deep in the soul and extended with a firm handshake. Next there’s “Angeline”, a classic rock bullseye that darts out of your speakers with rowdy riffs and real writing. Finally, there’s “Head Up In The Clouds”, a Top 40 hopeful resounding in it’s assimilation with contemporary topics that rhyme on radio.

Having played before some of the most demanding music listeners in the nation, a mix of understated aficionados and overbearing fanatics, Eric’s performances have been enjoyed at such venues as Liverpool’s The Cavern Club, Toronto’s Dundas Square , and New York’s Webster Hall. The artist’s latest offerings will likely serve to further extend his name and brand beyond it’s current indie appreciator and out into music’s mainstream streamer. Beats headsets and iCloud account not included.
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