Mega Sensuous Mood Swinger Evoni gives R&B Butterflies. Each sonic gem the Free Spirit drops is a jewel to be treasured – and danced to. The bright-eyed songstress gets Deep and Dope for Her L&R exclusive.



Ink Tone Swep
Images Artimio Black
Looks + HairMUA + Creative Direction Evoni
Location Atlanta, GA.

Originally from Virginia, you moved around some before settling in ATL, your chosen home. How has that residential ebb and flow influenced you as an artist? When I lived in Virginia I was in a much darker place in my life, lots of dark clouds hanging over me in my everyday life so the music was much darker. Since I’ve moved to Atlanta I’m surrounded by stronger, brighter energy. I feel like there’s more colors around me, like rainbows. I’m in a much happier, more fulfilled and optimistic place in my life. My latest music reflects that I think.

How do you like Atlanta since moving there? I ran my company out of ATL for awhile and found it to be a beautiful place, amazing people, but with a lot of industry fake-it-till-you-make-it. Share your experience. 

That’s Atlanta (Laughs!). I love Atlanta. Very dope artists. They don’t make it feel like work, or as if you are working with a bunch of different people you don’t know but are still trying to be creative with. The team I have feels more like family and I love that. Feels so much more natural to be creative.

How did life change when your “Heroine” and “Levi” songs took off online? When I released “Heroine” I was very free; all over the place in a good way. Living life doing whatever at a fast pace. When I made “Levi” I was more closed off, dealing with heavier things in life. I was just in two different places in life when those two songs came out, pulled my music in different directions.

You make music so people don’t feel alone. That’s your key inspiration. In a world that’s more populated than ever before in history, why are so many people alone? Because they make themselves alone. No one helps anyone else any more. No one reaches out to check on loved ones and close friends as was once the case. I’m not crazy, I’m not the only person who remembers this, a time not so long ago when people cared. Now it’s more for self and for show, and we can’t stand to be around each other for too long acting and behaving that way. So… many end up alone.

Let’s talk about Free Spirits. They are born, not made, but many are encouraged to battle the urge to be the free spirit that they are. Why? Oh man! We don’t have a care in the world. And that’s dangerous to some. We feel invincible, like we don’t have to conquer the world because we are the world. And for the ones who also believe in God, we just feel like everything is in God’s hands and we should just go with the divine flow of things. We don’t force life. We just live it.

You love butterflies. Why do they remind you of yourself? Butterflies only come around every so often. When they come out of nowhere they are so beautiful and immediately capture your attention, make your day. But they aren’t everywhere all of the time at your disposal, for your convenience, so you can’t take their presence for granted. You can’t just walk outside and instantly find a butterfly. You have to wait until that moment one decides to appear and just enjoy that special time you had a butterfly in your life.
You’ve been making dope music for quite awhile. “Figures”, “Stimulated”, “Mr Green”, and the aforementioned “Levi” and “Heroine” are a few fan favorites. What’s your label situation or are you an indie artist? Indie. I feel like independent is the best way for me, I have control of my work. I think the only disadvantage is that you have to put in the work and be consistent or you won’t see the results you want. I think record labels treat you differently when you are working for them, they seem to respect us independent artists more.
How did the “SipSlo” song come together? So many different stories! (Laughs!) That song means so many  different things and was built on so many different stories… When you are drinking all truth comes out, all honesty is revealed. So sip, but sip slowly. You know, how much truth are you willing to share? How much honesty are you comfortable with letting free? The truth gets people in trouble, especially when they’ve been lying. So before you go and pick up that fucking bottle be ready and willing to live with your truth.
What’s next? Is this part of an EP or album that’s coming? (Contemplates, teases.. ) You can expect some things happening real, real soon. I can’t reveal too much right now, but you will have something. I have many things in the works.
Give me one thing that needs to change. How can we change it? The way that the world is right now. That needs to change immediately. People need to pay more attention to each others needs and respond to help in any way they can. People need to be more genuine, stop focusing on ourselves so much and start looking more at us as a whole, as human beings, and as a people… And it would be a good thing to actually have a President we like (Laughs!). I miss Obama.
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