King of the Comeback: Gucci Mane is Rap’s Master of Reinvention.

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Location Hart Plaza, Detroit, Michigan

The present is a gift, the future’s a mystery, and the past is history

Gucci Mane, “She Miss Me”

He’s controversial, speaking your mind when irreverently thinking and living out loud without lies will accomplish this, but whether referring to the glam brand established in 1920’s Florence, Italy, or the Guwop man from East Atlanta, the term Gucci is symbiotically synonymous with at least one reality – art derived income and international stardom at the expense of ostentatious excess and jealousy contrived controversy, both at times in war with their own wealth and winning ways.

Gucci Mane Performs at Hart Plaza
Detorit’s Movement Festival
LOOT & RIOT Magazine

Only a few artists in any genre have consistently delivered value to their indefatigable fanbase like Gucci Mane, and the 1017 Bricksquad chief has accomplished this in several highly visible incarnations. Though he openly embodies it all, from back-then’s street dedicated menace to his own society up to right-now’s dirty south messiah, Gucci has undoubtedly outgrown certain aspects of his past – and as a direct result the global hip-hop community has embraced the CEO’s certified emergence as a mogul machine.

From Gucci’s multiple mixtapes on the come-up, to the impressive release of his 16 solo albums and three collaborative projects, to his sold out national tours in venues reserved only for superstars, to his public discussion of personal growth through marriage and mentorship, to his appearances everywhere from NBA courtisde to signature alpha cities around the world, Gucci’s success continues to move mountains of money amounting to millions – and if we’re talking trap music’s version of Gutzon Borglum’s Rushmore, Gucci Mane is unquestionably one of his city and it’s trap-and-twerk sound’s sculpted in stone four figureheads. Hopefully this go’ round it’s with the Lakota’s Black Hills blessings, of course.

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