You will find that five types of people respond to risk in one of five ways.

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Workers – Those who work hard for others but hardly work for themselves.

Makers – Those who create products and services of value yet fail to reap the full financial benefits due to lack of business acumen, financial literacy, or a dedicated disinterest in money itself.

Slackers – Those who are talented at generating revenue when motivated by fear of being broke, work to make money quickly, quit working, spend wastefully, then repeat the cycle once predictably faced with their greatest fear.

Stackers – Those who assume the full risk of starting a business, work for the business, then save and invest with minimal compensation pending profitability: An entrepreneur.

Quitters – Those who start but never finish, begin but never end, survive but never live, take but never give. As such, they are often here yet seldom reach there.


Accepters – Those who take no action, simply accept that risk may occur and cross that bridge when they reach it.

Avoiders – Given foresight, those who alter their plans to circumvent the risk altogether, thereby forfeiting any opportunity of reward.

Transfers – Those who transfer the impact and management of the risk to someone else.

Mitigaters – Those who limit the impact of a risk, so that when and if it does occur, the problem it creates is of lesser magnitude, more efficiently resolved, and as a result more manageable.

Exploiters – In the event of a predictably positive outcome should the risk occur, those who maximize this chance and embrace the risk when it happens, rather than blocking or transfering the risk-benefit to someone else.


2Getherne$$ – All five types should be collaborating as a cohesive unit towards their common denominator – recognizing, analyzing, managing, executing and thus overcoming the risks. Their five shared goals: peace, happiness, freedom, love, and ultimately, financial health.

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