With Profound Poetry, In-depth Perception, and a Dope Beat, Iuliano Tells us all “Who Knows”.


Ink Tone Swep

Iuliano cannot play the guitar, he can’t. He is not a guitar player. He knew this already. What he learned about himself, his art, and his poignant ability to feel the philosophy inherent in anything or anyone he experiences and translate that sense into music happened as a result. The guitar remains a muse, even if it played itself. “The inspiration came from playing the guitar, an instrument which I cannot play,” Iuliano admits. “It was a way to get rid of the cliche and the learned rules and let the years rule instead. All of this, placed in a context where the original melodic idea is often a way to take the listener, momentarily or permanently, to a different scenario in sort of what I call ‘a minimal progressive’.” He’s deep, sound driven, and so dependent on his own art taking meaning while simultaneously turning heads it influences the confusion to make sense of itself. Bouncing between Bangkok, Thailand and Napoli, Italy – in this life time at least – Iuliano’s debut EP “Hidden Roots”, led by the visceral visual for lead single “Who Knows”, insures that listeners and onlookers dig an artist with depth. Always keep the meaningful and emotional in mind.
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