Singer Jada Lee Doesn’t Want Your Man, and Makes That Point Beautifully Clear with Her New Single “Star67”.


Ink Tone Swep

Images Austin Horton

DMV native Jada Lee sings her high praises with an effortless allure any record label would find salient and saleable. The Temple University honors graduate’s latest single “Star67” breathes a bluesy soul into mainstream music with good timing, as all things soulful are globally celebrated. From natural-hair journeys, to people of color ascending to new heights in Hollywood, women rising in business and entertainment, to Beyoncé reigning supreme over festival season’s crowd-favorite Coachella (the first African-American woman to do so) – Jada has arrived in the optimum moment for a singer with her combination of talent and marketability. 

Having grown up as an accomplished church choir performer, and later opening for R&B royalty Jazmine Sullivan, Jada’s voice was raised to uplift and enlighten. With “Star67” the vocalist does just that, singing: “You never told me that you had a woman / You never mentioned that you’re living with her / Now she’s calling me, blaming me / For your infidelity,” referencing the popular method of blocking your phone number when anonymously phoning someone else by entering “Star67” in your phone, the single addresses a commonly discussed relationship faux paux: cheating. “I don’t need that kind of karma in my life,” the songstress continues. While the content doesn’t break new conceptual ground, The Beat Plug-produced single successfully showcases Jada’s vocal range, emotional control, and impressive enunciation. Look for next moves and new music from this emerging starlet soon.

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