Jasmin Elago is one of social media’s hottest brand ambassadors. The proud Filipina dishes on her childhood in the Philippines, her favorite beauty and personal care products, and the importance of self-love in this L&R Model Behavior exclusive. L👁👁T


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You grew up in the Philippines. Talk a little about your early childhood and family life as a young girl growing up in Laguna. I grew up in the small town of Laguna, about two or three hours away from Manila. Growing up there we lived in a small house where we only had one bedroom, me and my two siblings along with my parents slept in the same room. We lived in that house ’till I was eight, if I’m not mistaken, and finally we moved to another house with a two bedroom. My childhood was pretty simple. We lived in a small compound and I played hide and seek and a lot of the traditional Filipino games with my siblings and cousins. My grandma lived very close and has a little store in front of her house where I would always go to steal snacks. Life in the Philippines was just very simple.

What initially compelled you to pursue a career as an Influencer who models lifestyle brands via social media? I’ve always loved dressing up, sharing my outfits and all of that. I honestly didn’t know that I could make a career out of this ’till recently. But I’m really glad I have this as a career because I get to do something that I really love and have a passion for.

You coordinate fitness and fashion very well. What are some of your favorite athleisure wear lines? My favorite active wear brands are Gymshark, Lululemon and Bombshell sportswear.

Let’s talk about cuisine. As a fitness fanatic, give us three of your favorite dishes that are delicious, exotic, and healthy. Delicious – Sushi ! I can eat that everyday. Exotic – frog legs! I know it sounds gross, but it’s actually really, really good. They taste just like chicken but they’re juicer. Healthy – asparagus with parmesan cheese. My current obsession.

You style your hair with many different looks. Name some of your go-to haircare products? What is your biggest hair dilemma, the toughest part of caring for your hair type? Right now since I have blonde hair, my go to products are Fanola – this makes my hair look silver. I use this once or twice a week – Kevin Murphy repair me rinse. For a conditioner – Brazilian bond builder mask, this keeps my hair strong. I also use Moroccan oil to make it look shiny and healthy.

The only thing I know about Oregon is the Portland Trailblazers, Oregon State Ducks college football team, and beautiful Lake Oswego. How does a pretty girl from the Philippines end up in a sleepy state like Oregon? The reason why I moved to Oregon is because my sister in law was going through a bit of postpartum depression and me and my boyfriend wanted to be there for her. We also wanted to be with her babies and spend time with them before we headed back to Canada.

When you aren’t busy working, how do you spend your downtime? What are some of your favorite me-time rituals? I love watching trash TV, and I also love watching movies and shows on Netflix. I love doing face masks too, it’s sooo relaxing.
What is most important to you in life? What are some of your life goals? How do the two conflict? My loved ones, I’m super family oriented and once we are real friends, you become like family to me. And taking care of yourself, it’s super important to me to be right within. Some of my life goals would be to become successful spreading happiness and self love, and to see everyone around me shine, I just love seeing people happy! I don’t know, I guess they can conflict because it can get hard to care for yourself when you’re trying to care for everyone else, too. You can spread yourself too thin and that’s no good for anyone.

As a young model who immigrated to North America from the Philippines and found success as an entrepreneur, what advice do you have for young women currently living in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world who aspire to make the same moves you made? My advice is just to keep going! Consistency is key. Put your work out there and don’t ever give up because it’ll be worth it at the end.

Finally, how important are love and happiness to an overall healthy life? Why are these two qualities so challenging for people to attain, and maintain, in their lives? Well I love love! And laughter is medicine, so I’d say its super important, if not vital, for your overall health. I think many people, young girls especially, spend time on the wrong things. They have this idea, based on comparisons to others, of what would make them happy. And when they don’t get it they feel down. My advice to them would be to work on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and remember there’s always tomorrow. Love yourself! And the rest will follow.

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