Sad Pop tinged Dreamy Waves avoid genre with NYC stage regulars Just Like Honey’s latest album “The Wood Room Sessions”.

Ink Tone Swep

Images Working Brilliantly 

Location Hell’s Kitchen, W Midtown Manhattan

The vocal range and balance of front stunners Darlene Johansson and Bianaca Yan are the sound silhouettes steering dream pop tribe Just Like Honey. The jam session genie’s recently released “The Wood Room Sessions” – led by the singularly inviting “How Does It Feel” – is worth its weight in Slick Rick persona gold rope chains.

In The Lab with Dream Poppers

When recording their 2018 album “The Weight of The Stars” the group began producing acoustic versions of their songs. The audience response was favorable, so now in this crew’s new melancholy though melodic swag bag you will find several sonic gifts. Sprinkled along Just Like Honey’s spectrum are alternative and folk offerings, though the aforementioned dream pop is the team’s staple. Enjoy an album, at times emotionally downtrodden, though empirically steeped in the practice of pragmatism as an applied life science. Sounds good to we.

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