A cool web series, a couple hit songs, and an undeniably dope personality is what has endeared Justin Roberts to millions of fans around the world. The Recording Artist, Actor, Writer, and Influencer hangs out with LOOT & RIOT.

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I know that if I dedicate myself to what I love, success will follow.

Justin Roberts

Your debut single, “Six Figures”, seemed more like a rap parody or skit, but “Way Too Much” feels like actual hip-hop. Both are dope. Describe your music.

I would say I get a lot of inspiration from artists like Drake, Post Malone, and Juice WRLD. Being only 16 years old, I can bring a fun twist to that style of music. I also love to make music that kids can relate with but have fun listening to at the same time.

Justin Roberts Covers LOOT & RIOT Magazine
SS19 ISSUE “Summer Edition”

Whendid you begin to write and record music? What are your goals as a recording artist?

I began writing and recording about a year ago. I had a great response to my first song, which was amazing. Now I want to take the next step as an artist and really begin to hone my craft as a musician. Making the transition from social media to a more serious artist is a big goal of mine right now. I really look up to guys like Shawn Mendes who have done it so gracefully.

Influencer Justin Roberts in LOOT & RIOT

Both Jordyn Woods and Sofia Jamora are gorgeous in addition to being popular. How did the collaboration with them for the “Way Too Much” visual come together?

It was such a pleasure to have them in my video. I was made aware that they both loved my first song. When I found that out, I had to reach out to them to be part of my music video “Way Too Much.” They both crushed it and were so fun to work with.

You got your start as an influencer, then branched out into music. What other creative business avenues are you exploring?

I am extremely focused on my music right now, which takes up a lot of my time. Technology and anything with computers have always been of interest to me. I love the idea of owning my own tech company. Tony Stark is my hero.

Justin Roberts in LOOT & RIOT
Captured by | Rowan Daly

As the youngest member of Jake Paul’s Team 10 you proved to be not only talented but hard-working and dedicated to establishing yourself as a bonafide Influencer. Share one bit of advice you got from Jake that proved invaluable.

Jake has been a real positive influence for me. Watching Jake’s work ethic in action is something that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Artist + Influencer Justin Roberts
LOOT & RIOT Magazine
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Your “Work In Progress” series is good, well written and the acting is solid. What are your plans for the popular YouTube series?

It was an amazing experience to be able to create something that made people happy and laugh. “Work in Progress” really opened my eyes and showed me what I am capable of doing. Season 1 was such a success on so many levels and I got a lot of great feedback. Season 2 right now is currently a work in progress (Laughs!).

Justin Roberts Covers LOOT & RIOT’s
SS19 ISSUE – “Summer Edition”
Grooming by | Emily Moses

You are 16 making so many moves, lots of money, and gaining popularity while approaching fame. I’m certain you are surrounded by distractions. How do you stay grounded and remain focused?

We all have so many distractions these days with school, work and social media, which is why I wrote “Way Too Much.” I feel it’s something everyone can relate to. I realize that nothing is easy in this life and it takes hard work to become successful. I put so much effort in everything that I do. I know that if I dedicate myself to what I love, success will follow.

Looking ahead in life, what are some of your long term goals and aspirations?

I really want to make a difference in people’s lives. I feel like I have been able to do that with my music and other content. Being able to connect with so many people is really special to me. I love interacting with my fans.

Justin Roberts in LOOT & RIOT

You entertain and inspire millions, Justin. And many of your fans are super young, like 10 to 12. What advice can you offer a kid in that age range who is a huge Justin Roberts fan and wants to follow in your footsteps?

I would tell them to do what makes them happy. If you don’t love what you are doing, then there is no point in getting involved in this business. There is a lot of work that goes into it, so I would say for them to have no expectations and to keep working hard at whatever they do.

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