Global Mobile Magazine for the Rich & Rebellious

LOOT & RIOT™ captures the aura, aptitude, and attitude of now era urbane society. Let’s face it, weed is legal and working 40 hour weeks is lethal. Why settle for miserable when your settlement is millionaire? The brave non-slaves who misbehave are the wave. From music and movies, to emerging moguls and media money – if it’s lava hot, LOOT & RIOT is the volcanic eruption to set your scene on fire. We’re a fan of the flames. That’s our lane – the vehicle to drive your wrath ’till it’s a wraith. Call it urban alchemy. Our five signature cities of Hollywood (US), Durban (South Africa), Tokyo (Japan), La Paz (Bolivia), and Barcelona (Spain) are representative of our multi-continental reach and global approach. Our content is released episodically, as opposed to by issue or edition. This on-going approach effectively feeds the fan frenzy by keeping the coverage coming and the impact journalism germane to the genre. We release the reality while it remains relevant.
LOOT & RIOT™ is a global touch screen mobile magazine for the Rich and Rebellious™ – one of the first urban culture publications fully optimized for mobile devices (Tablets, SmartPhones, SmartWatches, SmartTV). Given the tech edge and future flow of this media outlet, we still remain rooted in the foundational principles of emotion, ideals, and the confluence of time and space; along with freedom, epiphany, indigenous wisdom, cultural intelligence, lipstick feminism, modern masculinity, artistic integrity, intellectual acuity, and life/business balanced success in all facets personal and professional. City myths are urban legends waiting to be Griot told and existentially articulated. Our cover girls are referred to as Heroine’s, our cover guys are considered Hero’s. From creative ethos to meditative philosophy, our spirited inspiration derives from animals and preternatural beings, namely Lions, Gorillas, Ghosts, and Dragons. In short, LOOT & RIOT™ is on some other sh!t; turn left right here, that’s the house – I’m fittna hop out. You just stay driven without the drive-by.
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