Actress Melissa Boloña has starred in dozens of films, studied in Paris, lived in Peru, and modeled for mags the world over – but her exciting new healthy living venture may simply outshine it all.

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I take a lot of time on each and every character. You can’t possibly get a grasp for any character… unless you work on it, digest it, sleep on it — repeat. It takes time to absorb them and to give them more depth.

Melissa Boloña
Melissa Boloña Interviews with Editor Tone Swep
LOOT & RIOT Magazine
SS19 ISSUE “Summer Edition”

Your ethnic background is multicultural, and having lived in the states, Peru, and France, your worldview seems pretty unique. How do you feel your diverse experiences contribute to your craft?

I think seeing how other people live and exploring other cultures has helped me a lot in expanding my horizons and range. It gives each and every character I take on more depth and more food for thought on how I portray them and their situations.

As an actress you’re known for playing in action films, like The Hurricane Heist, I Am Wrath, Dog Eat Dog, and Acts of Violence to name just a few. Are action films your fav?

To watch, I am a big fan of comedy and horror but to act in I would say action is my favorite. I absolutely love working on action films because to witness the amount of skill and effects that goes into pulling off these stunts is absolutely mind blowing. Some stunts they pull off have never been done before so it’s always a risk but fascinating at the same time.

Fun Actress Melissa Boloña featured in
LOOT & RIOT Magazine
SS19 ISSUE “Summer Edition”

From romantic comedies and supernatural thrillers to the aforementioned action genre – you portray a wide array of roles, really getting into character each time. How?

I take a lot of time on each and every character. You can’t possibly get a grasp for any character – at least for me – unless you work on it, digest it, sleep on it — repeat. It takes time to absorb them and to give them more depth and think of new things to add to their story. 

The Final Wish was released earlier this year to critical acclaim, even the harshest of film critics, movie buff blogs, and other programs liked it. Why are horror films not as commonly created as, say, 10-15 years ago? There is clearly an audience demand for the category.

I think that a lot of horror films are created, it’s one of the most sough after genres. It’s more difficult for horror films to differentiate themselves and get a theatrical release and grab the attention of the audiences. Something that stood out about “The Final Wish” was the way it was artistically shot, almost like a dark-fairytale dream sequence, some people would describe it as. 

Melissa Boloña in LOOT & RIOT
SS19 ISSUE “Summer Edition”

You started acting very early on, though education still remained a priority for you; you even went on to finish your degree in marketing. Was there a time when the two were sort of competing for your attention? How did you find a healthy balance on set and in the classroom? You figured out how to excel at both.

I think something that helped me was making a mental decision while in school to take a year off immediately after to put all my focuses and efforts towards acting. This also helped me excel in school because the stress was off, I was sincerely going for an education and not stressing out about a job after college, internships, etcetera. I knew I would make a move and try it out and that kept stress low, and my sense for adventure high.

Melissa Boloña in LOOT & RIOT Magazine’s
SS19 ISSUE “Summer Edition”

Modeling has also helped define your career, you’ve worked with so many brands; collaborated with several platforms. Do you find modeling to be more of a fun creative outlet for you? One less demanding than acting? 

I think modeling helped me a lot to be more comfortable in front of the camera. Believe it or not, I think that acting gives me more freedom and creativity because you develop the character and that character becomes part of you in how you portray it. Whereas modeling, you are hired to the brand and they design you to fit into their mold in what they want. I am grateful for my modeling career because it has definitely helped a lot in getting me comfortable and ready to take on acting.

Actress & Model Melissa Boloña
Launches Healthy Living Start-Up
The Beauty and The Broth

You founded The Beauty and The Broth recently. Firstly, congrats are in order! What can you tell us about your exciting health and wellness endeavor, about the benefits of bone broth?

I am very excited about my new company. The first time I am officially using my marketing degree! Bone broth has been a cure-all for me and has become my way of life. People don’t recognize how much bacteria is in your gut, and often times when you get sick its gut related. Bone broth helps reduce inflammation and heal the gut. It is also incredibly high in collagen and gives you loads of natural energy. It’s also a great recovery drink after a workout. 

Melissa Boloña in LOOT & RIOT

You are a fun actress to watch as none of your roles are predictable, and each of your films seem to present you with a different character challenge. What’s on the horizon for you, on and off screen?

Off the screen I am constantly working on my acting craft and now putting a lot of energy and efforts towards The Beauty and the Broth. It’s always fun to try new things and see what happens. On the screen you can expect more fun roles. I am currently working on a movie about priesthood which has been fascinating, and I play a fun conflicted character. You can also expect more comedies out of me.

In your heart of hearts you’re a Jersey girl, those are your roots. What about Melissa Boloña screams east coast kid living and working in Hollywood?

It’s been amazing to have the best of both worlds! The east coast has always and will always be near and dear to my heart, it’s a place I can most relate to and feel at home. Living on the west coast has been great, it’s a different style of living; one I have adapted to and grown to love.

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