Latin Pop superstar Mozart La Para and his Song of the Year candidate “Mujeres” is a Major Reason why today’s Spanish Music Diaspora is so warmly embraced worldwide: Whether you speak Spanish, or not. 🇩🇴



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If image is everything and good music truly plays forever, Latin Pop star Mozart La Para may indeed have it all and be immortalized as a result. As capable of rocking in Reggaeton rhythms as turning up in Latin Trap, his widespread popularity has resulted in close to 10 million followers spanning his various social media platforms. In 2016, before the artist had even reached 30-years old, La Para had two singles reach #1 on Billboard’s Latin Tropical Chart,  “Aqui Nadie Toca” and “Toy Enamorao”. He holds the distinction of being the first Latin artist Jay Z signed to his regal and royal Roc Nation imprint.

Women break into tears when they see La Para, yet somehow gather their outpour of emotion in time to request a selfie. Men, eager to emulate La Para’s energy while inheriting his aura and praising his prowess, instantly decide to update their hair style – opting to grow it out, row it down, or line it up in an effort to mirror the man whose latest hit “Mujeres” (en. “Women”) is scorching a flaming hot sonic trail across the Promusicae Spanish-speaking albums chart.

From Spain to Peru and all points in between, the single is the latest of La Para’s many radio smashes – and his people, his fans around the world, simply love him for consistently entertaining them, advancing the genre, and reppin’ the culture – all seemingly with one curiously raised eyebrow, the artist’s signature photographic flirtation.

Earlier this year, La Para performed at the SXSW Festival in Austin, opened for Romeo Santos on the East Coast leg of his Golden Tour – including a standout performance for a packed house at New York’s Madison Square Garden – toured the festival circuit across Europe, the US, and Latin America, and still made time to be the global brand ambassador for Adidas.

Born Erickson Fernández in Los Mina, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, La Para was locally known as a musical prodigy. Having made a name for himself on the underground hip-hop, battle rap, and freestyle scenes by the age of 12, he soon was a certified rapper, singer, songwriter and charismatic performer who began to release a number of Latin Billboard charting songs – each seemingly larger than the last: “De Lez En Cuando”, “Pa Gozar”, and “Total del Taco” all dropped in 2014.

Known for his hyped R&B vocals, reserved rap delivery, movie star presence, leading man looks, edgy urban temperament, and fashion icon clothing choices, La Para was quickly becoming known for another quality of even greater importance, his work ethic.

In representation of this reputation, 2015 saw the emerging star best his previous output by releasing even more hot music, a total of seven hit singles, including “No Me Pelee”, “Pueto Pa Mi”, “Levantate”, and “Estoy Barracho”. As prolific as popular, this supremely confident, yet hugs-and-handshakes humble artist can keep any sold out stadium party poppin’.

Though La Para records and performs in Spanish, music is his first language – good vibes and masculine energy are more felt than heard, more understood than overstated; more melodically memorized than term-for-term translated. In other words, we feel homie, because La mĂşsica es el lenguaje universal que une a todas las personas.

He perfectly positioned himself to make even more smart power moves in the year ahead. How? Drive, determination, a number of artistic talents, and intrinsic gifts with a genuine passion for the people being chief among them. Soon after worldwide words were whispered aloud that the artist – who chose his artist handle “Mozart” because the iconic 18th century composer Wolfgang Mozart also met his prodigious musical beginnings at age 12, and with “La Para” being popular Dominican slang for “To Stop” – his name was in agreement with popular opinion: this hot young talent was impossible to stop and would never be deterred from making dope music.

By 2016 La Para’s Roc Nation signing was kicking it’s feet up and making itself at home alongside some of music’s biggest names including Shakira, DJ Khaled, Demi Lovato, J. Cole and many others.

Now in elite managerial company, La Para only needed a global smash of a single to achieve international superstar status. Generally easier said than done, the super talent quickly accomplished this, checking crossover-hit off the label’s proverbial bucket list with one of this past Summer’s biggest songs – “Mujeres”, featuring American Reggaeton singer Justin Quiles. Though the artist has made a career of delivering hit music, with five Top 10 songs to his credit, “Mujeres” may prove La Para’s biggest crossover hit to date.

Certified platinum, the single also went Gold in Spain, generated over 24 million YouTube views, and registered upwards of 15 million Spotify streams. So popular is “Mujeres”, La Para responded to fan demand by dropping a remix featuring Quiles, Puerto Rican rapper Farruko, and dope Reggaeton duo Jowell and Randy. Quickly approaching global megastar level, Mozart La Para now resides in the comparative vicinity of American stars Drake, Chris Brown, and Justin Timberlake while extending the Latin Pop legacy cemented by Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin, and Enrique Iglesias. Fellow R&B star Romeo Santos had this to share of La Para: “Mozart La Para has created his own signature style,” began Santos. “… Fusing urban and tropical music, [he] has created a unique sound for himself.”

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