Music heals the hopeful, honors the emo-honest, and fuels the driven. Morsifire alt-hop’s over it all with necessary nearness on “Metanoia”.

Ink Tone Swep 

Images Working Brilliantly

Location San Francisco, California

My music… It’s not passive sh!t. It’s involved.”

Pure Artist • MORSIFIRE featured in
LOOT & RIOT Magazine’s
SS19 ISSUE “Summer Edition”

Morsifire’s awe-rap to alt rock palette blurs lines and blends genre’s with multi meaning poured over one singular intention – catharsis. The Bay Bridge artist’s viscerally prescribed debut album, “Metanoia” – thus far prefaced by singles “77 Skeletons” and “Contact” – will express to those hearing it what the artist, himself, explains here: “Making this record helped me work through my grief,” Morsifire begins, adding, “My music is not something you flip on while you cook or party. It’s not passive sh!t. It’s involved.”

Rich Rebellion

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