Versatile Star Nathaniel Potvin recalls growing up Hollywood Adjacent, imagines his Show Characters hangin’ out together, and vibes on his kick collects in TEEN LOOT.



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Location West Los Angeles, CA

Having grown up in So Cal, do you feel that your transition from normal kid to child star was an easier adjustment? You were already Hollywood-fluent. I feel that it helped growing up Hollywood Adjacent in the Valley. You saw the entertainment industry everywhere. I don’t feel as if I ever really transitioned from being a regular kid. I never felt any different and I always did the same things that other kids did. The only difference was that I began acting on jobs. When I got MECH-X4, I didn’t mind not being in regular school because the trade-off was worth it.

On “MECH-X4” your character Ryan controls a monstrous robot telekinetically. He is actually, mentally controlling a robot. With so much of the world becoming increasingly automated from cars to cashier’s, how much of the show is science fiction? And how much is simply a peek at the near future? Most of the show’s ideas, and the technology that comes from the show, is all what our creator Steve Marmel wants to see come to fruition. He is a very pro-technology kind of guy, so he loves to include anything he sees in the scripts each episode. I feel as if a lot of the show is sci-fi, but because the world is becoming so technologically advanced, it’s also very real. It is possible that a 50 foot robot or Mech-links could become a reality someday. There are already robots that are AI or controlled by people, so why not?

Ryan is described as a “TechnoPath”. Admittedly he is a complex dude, but you know him better than anyone. Is Ryan truly a terrible guy or just misunderstood? Ryan isn’t either – he does what he does to get certain jobs done. There are certain lines he won’t cross and there are times where he messes up. Honestly, even though he is a superhero the character is still very human. He is a superhero who has to make tough decisions and a normal kid that has to make tough decisions. Everyone has to make decisions that have consequences. Ryan is just doing things the best way he can.

Talk a little about “Five Points”. What did Wallace experience from episode three’s “Too Soon To Tell” to episode eight’s “I Saw The Tape”? How did he grow? Wallace’s character doesn’t change or grow because he always had that subversive persona in him. The events that went down just brought out the parts of him that he was holding back. The beatings, the shooting, and the drugs all weigh heavily on Wallace because he has a part in all of it.

You are, at once, starring in a Sci-Fi Adventure, a Teen Drama, and a Sitcom. How do you compartmentalize the various skills and characteristics required of each role? (Laughs!) Great question. Honestly, it is a lot of practice and focus. I take the necessary measures to get into each character when they arise. When I am done with one of them I forget about my performance and trust that the creators and amazing people in charge of handling the project will kick butt, which allows me to move on to the next role with a clean slate.

They are each from very different walks of life, but if Ryan and Wallace got to hang out with your “Alexa and Katie” character Ryan, how would it go? Let’s say the three of them were dropped off at Disneyland one summer afternoon. What would happen? I feel that all the characters would get along great. Wallace and Ryan (from Alexa & Katie) would get along because they are both smart and a little awkward and have girl troubles. Ryan (from MECH-X4) would shepherd over them making sure no one messes with them and that they all have fun.

Tell us about your kick collection. How many pairs do you currently have? How did you get started collecting and what are some of your favorites? I like the Jordan OG Grapes the most. I currently have 33 pairs of shoes but that is subject to change soon! I have always loved shoes, but I didn’t start collecting them until just about two years ago. My favorites in my collection are my Skepta X Air Max 97/BW’s, but my favorites of all time are the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97 ‘s. The Jordan OG Grapes are tight! I mess with how Jordans look on other people but just not on myself. My favorite Jordan’s would have to be the new Union X Jordon 1 collab.

With Fendi, Louis Vuitton and other high fashion designer brands turning some attention to the sneaker game, do those outshine streetwear classics like vintage J’s, Chucks, Stan Smith Adidas, and Cortez Classics? Here is what I will say – even though those high end designer brands are superrrrr dope, they are all copying the streetwear classics. Kicks like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Fila, Chucks, etc. They will never go out of style. I’ll be rocking the Cortez until I die.

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