Dominican superstar siren Natti Natasha has over 1.2 billion YouTube views, making her the world’s most watched woman. The Int’l enchantress called timeout on her World Tour for this Seriously Sexy L&R Exclusive. 🇩🇴

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14 Fun Facts, Fly Findings, & a Few Fearless Feelings about L&R’s AW18 September Issue Cover Queen Natti Natasha 

• Natti Natasha was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

Your music is exciting, sexy, liberating, yet I also find it very empowering. One can gain confidence listening to many of your songs. How much of that may be attributed to your early influences such as Ivy Queen, Lauryn Hill, Jerry Rivera and Bob Marley? My music is who I am, and the girl who I was raised. Nonetheless, you have learned from Lauryn Hill the empowerment. She was very pro women and she fought for the rights we have as a woman and what it means for society. Her music taught me to be comfortable with who I am. 

• As a young girl, Natti studied music and dance at The School of Fine Arts in Santiago.

One of the main goals for most artists is to make a hit, have a song on the charts. Every song you drop is literally a top ten hit: “Otra Cosa”, “Criminal”, “Amantes de Una Noche”, “Dutty Love”, “Quien Sabe”, “Tonta”, and “No me Acuerdo” to name a few. Why do you feel so much of your music resonates with so many people? (Laughs!) Thank you. When I choose songs, I’m very picky. People can say sometimes they are strong but I speak the truth. I write songs that are currently happening in a society, and women, and that’s why people are connected with the songs. When you are real, people believe it.

• She names Lauryn Hill, Ivy Queen, Jerry Rivera, and Bob Marley as her biggest musical influences and favorite artists of all-time.

“Sin Pijama” is the biggest song of the year. Everyone seems to love the fun sexiness in that song. How was it collaborating with Becky G? How did the making of the song come together? It was great and amazing. Was very cool to me. It was first time I recorded with a female, this was much needed in the industry. I really wanted to have a woman power song, this song has sexiness, fllirtiness, freedom, and we are not scared. Women need to support each other. The more we support each other the stronger we will be in the industry.

• In 2010, Natti signed a record deal with Don Omar’s Orfanato Music Group, an agreement to release several hit singles. The globally recognized performer is currently signed to Puerto Rico based Pina Records.

You have consistently released new music, hot videos, and toured worldwide since you came in the game. That said, we haven’t had a full album from you since your “All About Me” debut. That’s a classic album. Is there a follow up in the works? Yes, definitely. It has taken longer than expected with me touring Europe and South America. Between days off I go to the studio to work on the new album. I’m in the process of choosing songs for the audience, and to keep creating hits.

• Natti is a bonafide hit-maker, nearly every song she drops is a top ten hit: “Otra Cosa”, “Criminal”, “Amantes de Una Noche”, “Dutty Love”, “Quien Sabe”, “Tonta”, and “No me Acuerdo” to name a few.

What were some of your earliest experiences with singing and dancing? How early in life did you know for sure that you were going to be a global entertainer? I didn’t know if I wanted to be a global entertainer, but when I was a kid, around eight, I was jumping around the house, at local events, singing, and having fun (Laughs!).


• Her debut album “All About Me” was released in 2012.

Your voice is enchanting, a very strong yet sensuous singer. And as a performer you dance very emotionally, really draws the audience into your performances. Talk a bit about your natural artistic style, and preparing for shows. You are very much a performance artist, not only a singer. I feel music, that makes me do the things I do on stage. It comes naturally. I don’t plan it and it comes.

• “Sin Pijama”, a Billboard Latin smash hit in collaboration with singer Becky G, is the biggest song of the year in any genre.

Tell us about growing up in the Dominican Republic. Largest economy in the Caribbean, and also it’s most visited for tourism. How has your home changed over the years? You see more oppportunity for people to travel from around the world, more preparation, more education. We are hard working people, and you can definitely see more development. 

• For the first time ever in music history, two women teamed up to top the Billboard Latin chart with “Sin Pijama”.

Just like anywhere else in the world, even the most beautiful places have their unfortunate truths and challenges. What would you say these are for the D.R.? To continue to work on education, that way every single kid can receive proper education and be prepared for life in the world as an adult.
In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Natti had this to share: “I first heard Sin Pijama at Pina Records studio and loved the rough idea of the song. What made me want to collaborate was the fact that it was a fun and flirty song, and I felt that most girls could relate to the lyrics. The fact that it was a collab with a female colleague made it even more interesting and fun; two girls talking about this type of experience. And I found myself jamming to it. I said to myself, ‘If I’m loving this song and I can relate and see myself in this sort of situation, I’m sure other girls out there in the world will feel the same way.”
• Natti has several hit singles, with her most successful to date being “Criminal”, which was certified 15x Platinum (Diamond) earlier this year.

Let’s touch on men for a moment. What, for you, are the three most important qualities a man should embody to be considered husband and life partner material? Three qualities? Let me think (Laughs!!!). He has to be smart, very hard working man, and have to be my best friend. My partner in crime.

• The artist’s music is exciting, sexy, libetating, and is for those reasons widely considered to be inspiring and empowering. One can gain confidence listening to many of Natti Natasha’s songs.

Many site social media as a big reason why relationships are more difficult to maintain than ever. Lots of distractions, this is where most get caught cheating. What’s your take on this? I agree, it can definitely destroy a relationship. There is also bullying, cheating , and other negative things.

• Natti’s voice is enchanting, a very strong yet sensuous singer. And as a performer she dances very emotionally, which effectively draws the audience into her performances.

• Known as much for her tastes in high fashion as her world famous music, Natti has her own signature glam style, one that uniquely incorporates wealth, power, prestige and womanist values.

• This LOOT & RIOT Magazine cover is Natti’s first ever published by a North American media outlet.

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