Alt-Rock equal parts dope, deep, and a good distance from easily defined – New Sincerity Works is up to the tall task.


Ink Tone Swep

Rather than a stock description, heartland born and bred alt-rock collective New Sincerity Works’ low shock depiction of their newest album “Wonder Lust” reads like an artistic confession offering a fair warning of what to expect: openness, honesty, and hard earned artistry extended through music: “10 Songs about hearts, lips, Kentucky on Ohio… and the comings and goings of the luster, lore, and lure of love and lust.” 

Based in Cincinnati and comprised of lead singer, producer, and guitarist MikeTittel, guitarist Roger Klug, singer and keyboarder Lauren Bray, drummer Greg Tudor, bass guitarist Bob Nyswonger, and mix man Mike Landis, New Sincerity Works has been together making good music with great intentions for quite some time. Tittel reflects on the premise and purpose of their latest project:

“I wrote the songs to accompany a book of personal photographs,” he begins. “The book never happened but I did get a record out of the whole project. I liked the idea of trying to describe what falling in and out of love is like and what happens in between those extreme modes of living,” Tittel concludes. “It’s a record about love but not really love songs.”

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