Teen Actress Olivia Sanabia plays several musical instruments, Stars on Two popular TV shows, and wishes we All would use Kindness to Spread Peace. #GirlPower



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Playing Charlotte Wrather on Coop & Cami Ask the World looks like a lot of fun. How is it on set working with such a talented team on a really well written show? The best way to describe working on this show is that it is so fun! I feel like I get to do crazy things that actors working on adult shows don’t get to do. The stunts, gags, and tricks are so amazing and keep us on our toes!

What first interested you in becoming an actress? Is acting a career path you plan to continue forever and ever? Do you have a favorite actress or actor? I have always loved to perform. When I was really little, I would sing or put on shows for anyone who would watch at that moment. I discovered musical theater and loved it and then that trickled into the acting industry eight years ago. I have been doing it ever since. I can’t necessarily picture myself not doing something in the arts. My favorite actresses are Lily Collins, Joey King, and Shailene Woodley.

It takes a certain amount of natural talent to be an actress. You are able to become someone else and make stories come to life. If you could name three special qualities an actor must possess, what would they be? I think the three qualities that actors should possess are determination, confidence, and passion.

When you aren’t busy with your acting responsibilities, what are a few of your favorite hobbies and downtime endeavors? Music is my favorite thing to do in my downtime. I play guitar, piano, and ukulele. I love watching TV and movies. It gives me inspiration for my own acting. I also just love hanging out with my family.

What is the last really great film you saw? If you were in that film, what role would you have played? The last really great film that I saw was A Star is Born. It was incredible and so unique to other films about aspects of the entertainment industry. I would probably play Ally. I loved this character and her voice was gold.

Name your favorite movie, and favorite television show, of all time. What is so very special about these two productions that made them memorable for you. My favorite movie is Titanic. My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls. What made these productions special for me is that, no matter how many times I watch them, I am just as emotionally affected each time. They each represent timeless classics to me.

What is the most fun you’ve ever had in one day? Where did you go, who were you with, what did you do? The most fun day I’ve ever had in one day is probably when my family and I went to Disney World five years ago. It was just so magical because we got to experience the park on a whole new level. I remember being so amazed. We went to my favorite of the four parks which is Magic Kingdom. I love it when it rains, and it happened to rain on this day!

If you could snap your fingers and instantly change one thing about the world, what would it be? And what impact do you think the change would have? If I could instantly change one thing about the world, it would definitely be a wish for world peace. The impact would be immense, but as I cannot do that by myself, what I can do is spread as much kindness as possible. That is something everyone can do to get closer to that big goal.

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