Guitar Hero Sam Levin has a new single, new album, and plenty to be excited about in 2018. Listen Up!


Ink Tone Swep

Terrifically talented teenager Sam Levin has been touring the nation and performing for the people since elementary school. Now, at an age when most high school sophomores are auditioning for the glee club, Sam is set to release his second full-length album. Titled “I Am” and spearheaded by the lead-off hitter “First World Problems” – a song sufficient to introduce the artist to new streamers while rewarding loyal listeners with the quality project they’ve been anticipating, Sam is ready to make waves in 2018.

“Frame of Mind is really about the last year and a half of my life,” says Sam, referencing the debut project that established him as a legitimate indie artist. “It’s not a good thing or bad thing, it’s just what happened.” Cited as “upbeat, soulful, and startlingly introspective” by music critics, the multi-instrumentalist reminds many of a young Bon Iver, Imagine Dragons, and Kings of Leon. Proficient in all facets of guitar, including lead, bass, electric, and acoustic, the native New Yorker continues to make a name for himself on the ever expansive indie circuit. 

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