There is an unclear method to Singer Sebastian O’s musical madness. I don’t get it, but no worries, He will Explain.


Ink Tone Swep

Hailing from Venice, Italy but currently home-based in Brooklyn, New York, singer-songwriter Sebastian O is more focused on the method to making good music than the mayhem called marketing which follows it’s creation. Sonic swords aside, the artist takes his swing at another high concept album, nailing an opponent called perfection with his latest album In Your Room, an 11-song drive down the alternative songwriter’s winding road of reminiscences, regrets, and love right now in real time. But to truly identify the effort in Sebastian’s craftsmanship, one must hear the artist’s science-like approach and appreciation for past creatives first hand. “Would it be the same if Pollock had been a hyper-realist artist, rather than drip the paint as he did,” Sebastian asks, rhetorically. “Is it clear how, in modern art, the method the artist uses is as important as the final product,” he continues, professing: “… still some art-forms seem to reject or ignore this concept.”

After once leading a rock band, Sebastian altered his approach to making music, adopting his current improvisational method. After playing small venues in Milan, Dublin, San Francisco and New York – all packed with rabid music enthusiasts but little room for artistic growth and creative expansion – the singer teamed up with producer Andrea Lombardini, whose command of bass and drums coordinates with his own efforts with guitar and vocals, thus exacting Sebastian’s complex need for immediacy and proximity during the creative process. They got it with In Your Room. “My approach to this form of art tries to underline the importance of setting specific frames of methodology for the development of a certain musical project in order to re-establish the conceptual priority of the gesture over the shape,” explains Sebastian. “It is important for the artist to first define the gestural aim before exploring the form.”

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