Daring Designer and High Fashion Glam Champion Stevie Boi is Essentially an Elevation Expert, an Artsy Alchemist whose Posed-in-Pieces turn local Starlets to global Status Symbols. Watch This Shades Maker Work and Win on His own Terms.



Ink Tone Swep 
Images SB Shades / TSE
Looks Artist’s Own Pink by SB SS19 Collection 
Location Midtown, Manhattan, New York 

Where are you from originally? Where did you grow up? How does your place of origin influence and inspire your work? I am from Augusta, Georgia. I grew up all around the world with military parents. Lived in Germany, London, Paris, plus many other countries. Germany influenced my work really heavy due to its dark style.

What is the earliest experience you can recall really being drawn to the confluence of color, texture, fabric, and the cut-&-sew culture? I remember cutting my mom’s lace curtain to make her the Morticia dress from The Addams Family (Laughs!). I got in trouble, of course. But it was worth it. I also remember using Legos as accessories. I always knew I wanted to build things.

Wearable designs are unquestionably works of art. And artists assume many risks en route to positioning themselves to receive the rewards they’ve worked so hard to attain. What are some of the greatest risks you have taken in creative, business, life, or otherwise? I take risks all the time. Mixing things in fashion that aren’t fashion related. I love mixing car parts with my designs. I use chrome siding for cars to place on my glasses to give them an expensive look. I love to do things that even I would ask if I would wear it.

Name some of your most meaningful achievements thus far. Having multiple covers of Vogue Magazine. Mostly my biggest accomplishment is staying on the edge with my designs.

The “Pay Me” hats are simple but sick. What other innovations can we expect from your Pink By SB SS19 Collection? I don’t know because I only design when I’m in the spirit to. At the moment I can say super long sleeves and silhouettes have been my trend for the winter. But for the SS19 collection I’m showing all skin.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers, what are some brands you admire? Who, in your opinion, offers the greatest retail experience for buyers, stylists, and consumers? Alexander McQueen, Michael Kuluva, Richie Rich. I love fun people that challenge themselves. The greatest retail experience is Michael Kors. Anyone can wear his clothing.

Why Pink? Because I hate the color pink. Therefore, I challenged myself to like it. That’s how I design, I work with materials and things that I truly don’t really have an eye for and make it happen.

What was your approach to customizing the Ferrari you designed? (Laughs!) I just woke up one day and called my friend that owns multiple dealerships, and was like: ‘Give me a pink Ferrari!’ (Laughs!). And he was like “okay whatever”. Very simple, no deep message or story.

Not to categorize your work or box you in, I feel your designs are far to fluid for that; but if you would, please define your brand, your work, and inform us what it symbolizes. My brand is for those who are fearless. I never play it safe, but I do sometimes make sure that I make certain pieces simplistic. Sometimes I can go overboard with symbolism in my clothing. That’s the religion side of my upbringing.

What artists or celebrities would look amazing rockin’ Stevie Boi? I could see tennis star Naomi Osaka and NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. making a statement with your clothing, for example. I could see the entire NFL and NBA in my pieces from the SS19 collection. Matter-of-fact the show is going to be full of them. I am ready to go into that world of styling and design. I appreciate the athletes for dressing up now.

Lastly, when do you feel most empowered? Most liberated? Talk a bit about that. You strike me as someone who has found freedom. I feel empowered actually when I’m alone. I don’t like too many people around me. My entire life and job is about being a people pleaser. Being alone is the best thing ever. I didn’t know that it was fun to be alone until I hit 27-years-old. I also am the person who found freedom within myself.

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