When a Muse and Music mesh with meaning, it’s a mix of lava pop and hot pink – which gives us Teddi Gold.

Ink Tone Swep

Images Jennifer Esteban & Walter Diaz

Hair & MUA Denise Arroba & Carson Stern 

Set Artist Dale Raines

Publicity Working Brilliantly

Location Studio City, CA

If you gotta be motivated by something, might as well be CASH

Artist Teddi Gold featured in
LOOT & RIOT Magazine’s
SS19 ISSUE “Summer Edition”

Teddi Gold’s pop stardom proposal is well positioned in the form of an eponymous EP that croons about cash and resides in video games while attempting to figure it out. A true-to-heart artist raised in the Caribbean, Gold’s audial arrival unveils this truth – though the colorful creative guides us to envision a parallel life and what it could be like, together we ultimately learn we’re not done here yet. Yo, DJ. Run that back! Gold just may have the musical Midas touch. Steam the TEDDI GOLD EP.

Teddi Gold
Teddi Gold’s Debut EP
Rich Rebellion
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