Touch the Buffalo gets grunge and gives as good as the genre gets on new project “Heart is For”.

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Location Washington D.C.

Touch the Buffalo featured in
LOOT & RIOT Magazine’s
SS19 ISSUE “Summer Edition”

As garage bands go, nation’s capital settled collective Touch the Buffalo are oh-so Soundgarden while nearing Nirvana as mics, guitars, and grit allows a new group to get. Comprised of lead vocalist Jon Johnson, guitarist Tyler Beard, and drummer Jonathan Ibarra, TTB hit the ground together around 2k15, releasing their cult-followed EP “Ulrich” the following year. After parlaying their fest circuit exposure fronting for bands like Sugar Ray and Gim Blossoms into sufficient fan awareness, Touch the Buffalo recently released their debut full length project “Heart is For”. Listen Below:

“Heart is For” by Touch the Buffalo”
LOOT & RIOT Magazine
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