Next Moves, New Money, Badass Branding and the Nuance of Living, Thinking and Believing in Globalized Modeling Power with Venture Visionary Yi Zhou.


Ink Tone Swep
Images YiZhouStudio / TSE 

In what ways do the collective experiences of 
growing up in Italy, England, France, and China 
continue to inform your work as an artist? I think spending more time in LA since last summer has given me more of a sense of home. I have always traveled a lot, but I feel at home when I am in LA. Even though I have traveled to many amazing countries, I feel like I have found myself whenever I am in Los Angeles. The city itself is inspiring to me. This is also where I have launched my clothing brand recently, Global Intuition, with Fred Segal, on Sunset Boulevard. Through my experiences in the other countries I am now able to incorporate more international influences in my work. It brings fresh ideas and thoughts into my brand.

Having endorsed a number of globally recognized brands, including Chanel, Lane Crawford, Yoox, Each x Other, and Iceberg, what in your opinion does Shiseido represent? What central message are you helping them convey to consumers? I am the spokesperson for various brands, but I am proud to be the new Global Ambassador for Shiseido’s new make-up line Beauty Reimagined. Because of Shiseido, I am able to travel the world and represent an amazing brand of lipstick that I love to wear. I represent their new Gels Collection, which is a new lipstick made of 15% water. It feels invisible, weightless on my lips. I never want to represent products I would never want to wear, use, or have. I must love it in order for me to represent the brand properly.

Share with us a bit about your new creative space YiZhouStudio. What genre of films and other visual projects are you developing there? Why was it also important to establish Into The Sun, your investment company? YiZhouStudio LA is the USA branch of my Hong Kong and Chinese company that I just opened. It is a creative, strategic, content creation company. We have many prestigious partners such as Lalu, Royal Yatch, and Partizan Vroom, just to name a few. We enjoy working with luxury brands and utilizing their strategies to tap into different markets and digital communication groups. Into The Sun Investment will be the investment company of Into The Sun Group of which I just founded. It also includes Into The Sun Entertainment, a branding and marketing strategy company for Hollywood and Asia in the Fashion and Entertainment industries. Currently with Into The Sun Entertainment, we are one of the official sponsors for the David Lynch Festival, happening in Los Angeles, in October. I love film and investing into projects I am passionate about. I hope that Into The Sun will invest into more projects in the upcoming years.

You are very active in the Blockchain sector, is cryptocurrency indeed here to stay? Is the world’s first decentralized digital currency truly the financial lightning rod of the new world? I think cryptocurrency is definitely here to stay. Bitcoins were just the beginning. I can see paper money being fully extinct in the next 15-20 years. We work closely with charity stars and the currency AidCoin and their founder, Francesco Fusetti. It is an interesting adventure and I look forward to the future. It has been very beneficial for both parties working together. I think the future will eventually be all nations sharing the same currency and it will definitely be digital.

Your background is in living around the world. Your background is in political science, economics, film, fashion, and futuristic currency. That’s your background. If you were a picture, what would the foreground be? The picture background would be red, because I like to be bold like red lipstick. On the red background, there would be black abstract designs because it represents the structure in my life. Even though I like to express myself boldly, I also love structure. It has to make sense to me. Like the Shiseido brand, my picture would feel weightless and invisible. I love tapping into what I think trends will be and looking at things from an abstract point of view.

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