Young World

The Now Era speaks, we’re Listening

LOOT & RIOT’s primary demographic are Millennials (20’s), a forever-young group of self-absorbed media consumers who swipe Visa, scan Apple Pay, and aren’t certain what vinyl albums are but love the freedom found in L&R’s Direct-to-Device™ format. Described by American sociologist Kathleen Shaputis as the “Peter Pan Generation” as they commonly exhibit social behaviors and self-awareness patterns of individuals decidedly delaying adulthood responsibilities while embracing grown-up freedoms, Millennials are too often over-analyzed and unfairly criticized. LOOT & RIOT™ is here to instead listen and relay. The word on the street is whatever a Millennial just emoted, expressed, evoked, or explained.

Our secondary demographic is Generation Z (Teens), the iGeneration raised on a steady diet of internet access, social media immersion, and smartphone reliance. Comprising more than 25% of the US population, Gen Z is not only the largest sub-group in the nation, they are also the most ethnically diverse: 55% of Generation Z are non-Hispanic whites, 24% are Hispanic, 14% are African-American, 4% are Asian, and another 4% are multiracial. 90% of LOOT & RIOT’s reach and reasoning extract from and extend to Millennials and Gen Z. From our cutting-edge photography, and quick sizzle videos, to our Instagram interaction, and a journalistic approach based on brevity and impact statements, LOOT & RIOT™ listens to the youth and articulates their life and times to the world they are present to own and operate. Yes, whether you like it or not Mom and Pop, the planet is in the hands of that kid you birthed 14 years ago who never leaves his room, never looks up from his iPhone, and is 79% more likely to respond to a text, social media post, or email, than answer his smartphone. Facts!
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